My 2018 Birthday

Had a quiet, warm Birthday with my baby. Thanks for all the warm Birthday wishes✨✨ My COSTCO birthday cake and the Hank Williams song that started playing when I walked into a pet shop Made my day(^з^)-☆

今日はずっとずっとAnnabelleとBirthdayを楽しみました💕毎年Birthday Liveでワイワイ+バタバタ(笑)と過ごすバースデーも楽しいけれど、今年はゆっくり(😊)💕

Costcoで念願のGiant Birthday 🎂 Cake買ってもらって、ペットのコジマさん入ったらHank Williamsが流れて😉大好きな吉祥寺Genteさんのお花を💐頂き、みんなからのおめでとうのMessageににっこり💕


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