It’s So Easy

2月9日横浜Thumbs Upで行われたAnnual Event、”Something Fine”の動画をお客様から頂いたのでRe-mixし、YouTubeにUpしました!


リハ無しのぶっつけ本番なのに素晴らしいバックをありがとう!!HarmonyもTwin Guitarも全て最高❤️

Keiko Walker with South To West

“It’s So Easy ” Written by Petty Norman / Holly Charles Hardin Buddy

From the Annual Event “Something Fine~West Coast Session 2022”

Filmed at Thumbs Up Yokohama on February 9th 2022


Performed by:

Keiko Walker (Vocals & Cowbell)

Dicky北農 (Lead Guitar & Harmony Vocals)

西海孝(Electric Guitar)

白井英一郎(Acoustic Guitar & Harmony Vocals)


金丸秀人(Bass & Harmony Vocals)


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