Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers💕

Especially to my Mom and Grandma in Heaven.

And to all my Aunties❤️ I love this beautiful picture of my Mom💕



ママ、おばあちゃま、おじいちゃま、叔母-ママの妹(私のGodmother), 伯母-ママの双子の姉

Left to right

My Mother Romola Charlotte Walker, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Joan (my mother’s younger sister and my Godmother), Aunty Rhoda (my Mother’s twin sister). You’re not in the picture but Happy Mother’s Day to you too😉Ikuyo Walker!

10 Albums in 10 Days

Day 1 Poco / Rose of Cimarron

My very first album I bought with my allowance at Tower Records in Motomachi.

Day 2 Wanda Jackson / The Best of Wanda Jackson

One of my mother’s collection. Used to come home from school and sang along with this in my grade school years.


Day 3 Amazing Rhythm Aces / Stacked Deck

Another one of my favorite from my school years.


Day 4 Buckingham Nicks

Years and years ago I wanted this record so bad and couldn’t find it here in Japan when my friend Douglas Allsopp brought it back for me from the States. Been my favorite since then.

Stevie NicksはもちろんソロもFleetwood Macも全部持っているけどやっぱりこれかな🎵二十歳くらいの頃、このレコードが欲しくても日本で手に入らなかった時に友人のダグラスがアメリカから買って帰って来てくれたアルバム💕

Day 5 The Ozark Mountain Daredevils / It’ll Shine When It Shines




Day 6 Cheryl Ladd / Dance Forever

Didn’t we girls dream of becoming one of the Angels or the Bionic Woman when we were kids??💕I surely did! Maybe I still do😂


Day 7 Sandy Denny / Like an Old Fashioned Waltz

My most favorite Songwriter and Singer. I’ve recorded a couple of her songs on my own album.

今までアメリカの音楽中心のUpしましたが、ここでBritish。Led Zeppelinから彼女のことを知る人が多いと思いますが私は彼女を知ってからZeppelinを良く聴くようになりました。Sandyの曲は私のアルバムでもカバーさせて頂いています。

Day 8 Steeleye Span / Below the Salt

Another British Trad album.

Fairport ConventionからさらにDeepにハマって行ったブリティッシュトラッドロック☘️


Day 9 Linda Ronstadt / Simple Dreams

My all time favorite since childhood💕


Day 10 Emmylou Harris / Gliding Bird

My last day! Last but not least, Emmylou’s very first album. Actually, this original version is hard to find so I have to brag about it🤣



I was given the task from Yachi Altinbay back in February of choosing 10 albums that have strongly influenced my musical taste.

I’m finally doing this Yachi😂 Thanks for the nomination!

2月に友人、Yachi Altinbayにもらっていたバトン、2月はバースデー月で忙しくてすっかり忘れていたので今頃やってみます😅