Reminiscing the Past

This year from time to time, I have come to recollect my past.
Where did Keiko Walker come from?
Where, when, and how did my musical career start?

In the Spring, on his birthday, I started googling my grandfather who was an actor in Japan and found articles and photos of my uncle (my mother’s older brother) who also was an actor in Japan. He’s been in so many films. There were photos and blogs written about him which I found on Twitter and was thrilled to see photos I’ve never seen in the past.
He was also a Country Music Singer before he moved to the States for good.

This was when I was about 10 years old that my uncle, James Walker was performing at Country Venues in Japan and even started a Country Music venue himself in Yokohama. This is where my mother and I would go and listen to live bands every now and then where I get to meet wonderful musicians and famous Country Artists.

After my Uncle left for the States for good, and couple of years later, along with my mother I went to hear bands playing at a venue in Motomachi (Yokohama) called Bonanza where I would meet musicians again after several years. And this is when my career as a Country Musician myself would begin. I was asked to join the band called “Texas Company”.

Recently, Seiji Katayama, Country singer and the owner of Stagecoach in Chigasaki gave me this poster he found of My Uncle and his Live Venue “GRASSHOPPER”. He found it at the older Stagecoach when they were moving. His father was in my uncle’s band as a Bass Player back then. How interesting where we all connect from generation to generation.

I have been uploading old videos on my YouTube Channel since last year and this has also made me realize how so many wonderful people, I have connected over the last 39 years of my musical career, and I have learned to appreciate my exciting past as a country artist. I have also realized how short life could be for some of us and that we have to appreciate every moment.

My dream right now is to plan a concert with my Uncle Jimmy for we’ve never been on stage together.

祖父の今年の3月のお誕生日に映画俳優時代の写真や記事がネットに無いかな~と思い、検索したら伯父、James Walkerの写真や記事をTwitterで沢山発見したのを切っ掛けに伯父が映画俳優を辞めたあとカントリー歌手をしていたこともあって、私自身のカントリー歌手としてのキャリアにつながりました。
それにCitylitesとのライヴに遊びにいらしてくださったのが私がデビュー後大変お世話になったMr. James(六本木)のオーナーであり、女優、加賀まりこさんのお兄さまの加賀さんがジミーは元気?と聞いてくださりました。加賀さんは映画業界のお仕事もされていたので伯父とは映画俳優時代から交流があったのです。


今の私の大きな夢は伯父、James Walkerを日本に呼び、二人でコンサートがしたい!!!!

The Poster of my uncle’s venue in Yokohama back in the 70’s Seiji gave me in July this year!
ジミー時田&ジェームズ・ウォーカーショーというのがありますね❣ 観たいな~~~!

Some photos of my uncle, James Walker from Movies he appeared in which I found on Twitter!


This is a photo of my Grandfather, Hugh James Walker from his collection of Artist photos when he was in the movies.
They do look alike (^_-)-☆


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